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eco friendly traybake tray made from ovenable paperboard with greaseproof lining.

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4 scones in cardboard tray

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The innovation of paper and board packaging presents an exciting future as we work towards the protection and repair of our planet. The encouraging new concept aims to not only improve the future for coming generations but also to meet the needs of the present. Our eco-friendly food packaging offers our customers that choice. Food containers made from paperboard offer environmental food packaging which is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Paperboard eco friendly food containers

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Verona Eco are a packaging company that focus on our impact to the environment and ecosystem.  We look to provide environmental food packaging products that are sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Paper and Paperboard products are renewable and recyclable and can be broken down by the ecosystem. They offer a real alternative as environmental friendly food containers. Eco friendly food packaging that looks current and upsales your products.

2 round doughnuts packed in RPET plastic hinge lidded container

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By sharing our values our customers are doing their bit in the process of providing sustainable products in the supply chain. This consequently reduces the quantity of harmful products which essentially cause adverse affects on our environment and eco-systems.  

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