Environmental, Eco-Friendly or Recyclable Food Packaging Solutions


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Sugarcane Food Containers & Wooden Cutlery

Our sugarcane bagasse food containers are suitable for a full range of food to go applications, they are very  eco-friendly biodegradable, recyclable and compostable, as is our wooden cutlery both products also have the additional benefit of being microwaveable. These products represent a real quality alternative to polystyrene boxes and plastic cutlery.

Rectangle Carboard Food Boxes

Our small and large rectangle food boxes are made from grease resistant paper board, they are recyclable, sustainable and will biodegrade.

Packed in slimline boxes for ease of storage these products are ideal for a range of food to go applications.

Bakery Loaf Mould Trays

Our bakery mould trays reduce the amount of product handling.  They can be filled with your ingredients, oven baked in the tray and after baking can be decorated if required and sold in the tray. These products are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, eco-friendly and environmentally sound. This food packaging is ideal for bakery and any food and drink company.

Ovenable Trays just arrived

Our BTRUK13 and BTRUK15 trays are now available to order from stock. Made from paperboard they offer an alternative to Foil or CPET.  They can be oven-baked at 220 degrees centigrade and are ideal for traybakes, ready meals, puddings, pasta, rice and noodles. 

Verona Eco is Established

January 2018 was when I decided to do my bit towards the recovery of our planet by starting a company that could offer alternative food packaging that was sustainable and recyclable.  We only have limited resources and these have to be managed in a way that our eco-system and environment can sustain for future generations.

Thank you for sharing my view.

Veronica Brown