Environmental, Eco-Friendly or Recyclable Food Packaging Solutions

Environmental Food Packaging

Verona Eco care about our environment and that is why we offer paper and board products.  The benefits of these products are that they are produced from a sustainable source and are recyclable.  Our paperboard suppliers use raw materials sourced by managed forestry including FSC Chain of Custody.

The benefits of paper board include resistance to high temperatures (to 220 degrees centigrade) and are suitable for freezing (to -40 degrees centigrade). This feature offers a good alternative to CPET Plastic and Foil for the Ready Meal market as products can be made Dual-Oven/Microwaveable and provide better insulation than foil and plastic based products so are less likely to burn to the touch and remain more rigid when containing hot products.

Let us provide you with sustainable and responsibly sourced environmental food packaging for your products.